Trust is among the most valuable commodities a publisher can have. Advertisers are relying on publishers to provide a positive return on investment, knowing they will reach the customers they desire. ADP Trusted Local Publishers have earned their certification by adhering to strict standards and guidelines in every aspect of their business. Advertisers understand they can trust the publisher, and this shapes how they will spend their advertising dollars. Used effectively, a Trusted Local Publisher™ Seal can dramatically improve a business’ performance.

So, what are some of the ways a Trusted Local Publisher can display this trusted seal once they receive it? We’ll share some ideas below.

Five Ways to Display a Trusted Local Publisher Seal

1. Display on the Cover of Your Print Directory

Just as with online directories, print directories rely on the credibility of the publisher. Readers will be more likely to trust a publication that can prove its certification from a trusted organization. This image displays the cover of a Trusted Local Publisher, PBC Multimedia, and how they are displaying the seal.

Publishers attract advertisers using a Trusted Local Publisher Seal

2. Add the Seal to Your Publisher’s Website

Website visitors are less likely to trust unfamiliar brands. A Trusted Local Publisher Seal quickly counteracts any uncertainty, allowing the website and any listed businesses to immediately benefit.

3. Display on Your Online Directory

Adding a seal to an online directory offers credibility to businesses and directory visitors as well. Businesses are more inclined to use the directory, and visitors will feel confident in the listed companies. Here’s an example of Trusted Local Publisher, Interfaith of Woodlands Community & Business Directory and usage of the seal on their directory.

Example of Trusted Local Publisher Seal Displayed on an Online Directory

4. Integrate Into Printed Marketing Content and Materials

A visible trust seal can be used across all marketing content, adding much-needed authenticity. Trust seals make an immediate impression and will subtly inspire trust.

5. Promote Using Social Media

Social media sites are full of businesses attempting to find customers. Aside from the globally-recognized brands, most organizations won’t be trusted immediately. A recognized seal can be added to a social profile to garner some initial faith.

Benefits of Being a Trusted Local Publisher

Besides the obvious advantages to publishers that display the seal online and offline, there are many other benefits of being a Trusted Local Publisher. Let’s take a look at the top four of those now.

1. Exposure on the ADP Website

Each publisher accepted into the program will receive a profile on the ADP website and be featured as a Trusted Local Publisher. The credibility gained from this placement, along with the social proof of being listed alongside established brands, is worth its weight in gold. Here is an example of the profile for our Trusted Local Publisher, TXPages, LLC.

Trusted Local Publisher Profile Example

2. Instant Trust Among Advertisers

A trust seal immediately demonstrates the publisher is proven and trustworthy. Because it’s easy to create an attractive and professional website without offering anything of substance, this means advertisers and consumers often don’t know who to trust with their time and money. And this is exactly why advertisers understand the benefit of working with a trusted enterprise.

3. Build Industry Recognition

To the untrained eye, the products and services in many industries can look similar. Most people simply don’t have the time or budget to try every service, then choose a company that stands out. Publishers with a recognized trust seal can separate themselves from their competitors, earning valuable recognition.

4. Sell the Trusted Local Business Seal

One of the most important benefits of being a Trusted Local Publisher is the ability to sell the Trusted Local Business™Seal to other businesses. This is a simple way for publishers to generate additional revenue with little effort.

Additionally, as a publisher you’ll be helping the advertisers in your directory to reach more consumers. They’re able to display the Trusted Local Business Seal at their storefront, use it in print materials, on their websites, plus have a Trusted Local Business listing on ADP’s Trusted Local Directory™.

How to Become a Trusted Local Publisher

To become a Trusted Local Publisher, the first step is to complete the application. The publisher will need to share its practices relating to the following components, and affirm that standards are maintained:

  • Data and Privacy Guidelines – Adherence to strict standards regarding customer data.
  • Ethical Standards – Maintenance of strict ethical practices throughout the business.
  • Customer Service – Focus on diligent customer service standards.
  • Sales Training – Dedication to honest and accountable sales processes.
  • Transparency – Clear pricing and deliverables.

A Seal to Signify Trust for Publishers and Businesses Is Imperative

However, not every business will have the right profile to become an ADP Trusted Local Publisher. The seal carries weight that advertisers believe in, as they understand the high standards required for acceptance. Any publisher looking to inspire confidence in advertisers should consider applying for the program. You can learn more about the additional trusted local certifications ADP offers here.

Join the successful publishers benefiting from the Trusted Local Publisher Certification Program. Email with questions or complete the application today.