SmartSolutions reseller websites.

The SmartSolutions™ sales tool allows print and online publishers to reach more advertisers and sell more ad space. Through a combination of innovative tools and certification programs, resellers can deliver incredible value to advertisers and their customers. For resellers looking to brand themselves a central hub is crucial in the process. Let’s take a look at the website options available to resellers.

SmartSolutions Reseller Websites Are Easy and Affordable

As a publisher, you undoubtedly know the significant costs involved in developing and maintaining an Internet Yellow Pages directory  (IYP). And SmartSolutions provides an easy answer to this substantial challenge. When a publisher becomes certified as a Trusted Local Publisher™ and SmartSolutions reseller, they have one of three straightforward options for an IYP to reduce their costs.

1. Use Trusted Local Directory

Trusted Local Directory™ is a high-quality directory powered by the ADP. For the quickest way to get up and running, resellers have the option of redirecting their website URL to the Trusted Local Directory. This option comes at no additional cost to the Trusted Local Publisher.

The Trusted Local Directory's home page.

This approach lets a publisher start selling SmartSolutions products with minimal upfront investment. By showing advertisers an established, reputable directory, the publisher also gains instant credibility.

2. A Custom Landing Page

The second website option uses a custom landing page complete with the publisher’s branding. When a site visitor uses the search option, they are then redirected to the Trusted Local Directory. This approach lets publishers deliver business listings across numerous categories and locations – without the heavy lifting of populating the directory.

Landing Page Example for a SmartSolutions Reseller

A custom landing page could include personalized branding, Trusted Local Publisher Seal, testimonials, your logo, social links and other important information about you as the publisher. There are costs for development of the landing page and ongoing hosting fees. These costs are minimal in nature.

3. A Personalized Trusted Local Directory

One of the most preferred options for a SmartSolutions reseller is to have their own Trusted Local Directory. ADP will develop a custom IYP version of Trusted Local Directory for you as the publisher.

Montgomery County's Trusted Local Directory home page

It can be populated with your print directory advertisers or with listings from the ADP’s IYP directory. Take a look at Trusted Local Directory Montgomery County for a closer look.

As you can see, the directory is branded with Montgomery County’s own ADP seal and features Trusted certification. This seal is a sign of trust and credibility among advertisers, and is incredibly valuable in the sales process. Overall, this website option is beneficial for publishers who want to have their own complete IYP without sacrificing the time and costs of developing a directory from scratch.

Of course, if you already operate an IYP, you can simply integrate the SmartSolutions tools and certification into your existing directory without these website options.

Why Choose a SmartSolutions Website

At ADP we’ve removed the guesswork – we know how to make an IYP work for publisher members.

Designing, developing and optimizing for search for your own IYP is indeed quite costly. After it’s built, maintaining the IYP can require hiring full-time staff to keep it up and running. This is additional to hefty hosting costs, ongoing web development costs and maintenance fees – it adds up quickly. But by leveraging a SmartSolutions website instead, you’ll see costs that are substantially lower – and you’ll have an even more powerful IYP.

Besides this, there are many other reasons to become a SmartSolutions reseller.

How to Become a SmartSolutions Reseller

To gain access to all of these website options, publishers must begin by joining the ADP and becoming a Trusted Local Publisher. As a standalone solution, this certification demonstrates to advertisers an adherence to business integrity, security, high standards and best practices.

And when allied with SmartSolutions reseller tools, it really sets publishers apart from the competition. The SmartSolutions sales tool for publishers is the latest innovation in the publishing industry, and integrating it into a publishing business is easier than ever.

Contact Us to Become a SmartSolutions Reseller

SmartSolutions is an innovative collection of tools and services for print and online publishers. If you want to reach more advertisers with industry-leading solutions, join the ADP and become a Trusted Local Publisher. Sign up today or call (800) 267-9002.