The ADP Suite of Online Directory Optimization Services

While we wish we could say all online directories are created equal, they are not. With Google and other search engines having very specific expectations on what they determine is quality, online directories of all sizes and niches are being penalized in search results.

Have you considered…

  • Placement for your directory in search results is at risk.
  • Individual businesses could be impacted by data integrity issues on your directory.
  • Businesses don’t upgrade listings or advertise on low quality directories.
  • Consumers don’t visit directories that are not on the first page of search results.

If your directory is deemed low quality by search engines, fewer and fewer businesses will want to be listed in your directory.

Worry no more! ADP’s suite of online directory optimization services will help you to get your directory on track and keep it there!

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    ADP offers the following services:

    • Online Directory Data Cleanse
    • Online Directory Audit
    • Ongoing SEO for Online Directories

    Reliable directories need to have consistent, reliable data.

    If the data on business listings in your online directory is unreliable, it can hurt both your directory and the individual businesses.

    Start improving the visibility of your online directory today — take action now!