SmartSolutions – The Ultimate Sales Amplifier for Publishers

Introducing SmartSolutions™ – the latest state-of-the-art sales tool for publishers. As the print and online publishing industry evolves, so too must the tools we use to navigate it. By consolidating the ADP’s industry-leading products into one robust sales solution, publishers have everything they need to attract advertisers and help them thrive. Work smarter (not harder) with SmartSolutions.

SmartSolutions for publishers

Smartsolutions for Publishers


What Is SmartSolutions?

SmartSolutions is a powerful toolbox for digital and print publishers. If you own ad space – as a directory, magazine, email newsletter, or any other type of publisher – you are committed to the success of your advertisers. But how can you ensure your advertisers secure a return on investment and keep investing with you? The answer is to leverage the collection of unique sales tools within SmartSolutions.

SmartAds Tool

SmartAds™, the proprietary software within the SmartSolutions suite, transforms how businesses connect with their audience. By generating a SmartSheet™, SmartAds reveals the words and phrases employed by similar businesses for marketing and branding. Utilizing this data in the optimization of websites, social media posts and advertising unlocks significant growth potential.

Trusted Local Business Certification

The Trusted Local Business™ Certification Program is a key pillar of SmartSolutions. As a Trusted Local Publisher™, you are one of a limited number able to offer certification that immediately demonstrates reliability, professionalism and exemplary practices. Achieving this certification shows the commitment of a business towards superior service delivery, enhancing its reputation within the industry.

Trusted Local Business Seal

In an environment with increasing competition advertisers need to stand out. The Trusted Local Business™ Seal is an unmistakable indicator of a business’ trustworthiness, reliability and integrity. Only available from a Trusted Local Publisher, advertisers can add a seal to an email, business card, website, social profile and directory listing. And when customers are weighing a tough buying decision, a seal can tip the balance.

Listing Management and Monthly Reporting

SmartSolutions goes beyond conventional sales tools, offering comprehensive listing management services. Vital business data is first validated and then distributed to a network of leading data aggregators. As accurate business data is syndicated to Google, Bing, Judy’s Book and many more respected brands, businesses increase visibility across search platforms. And you can demonstrate the power of this service to your advertisers with our monthly reporting solution.

Trusted Local Directory Listing

Along with positioning in your own directory or publishing platform, businesses receive a Trusted Local Directory™ listing. Far more than a simple directory, the platform is a powerful search engine that boosts visibility and helps connect businesses with their target audience.

The Benefits of SmartSolutions for Publishers

Take advantage of the many benefits of SmartSolutions for print and online publishers. Here are just some of the reasons why SmartSolutions is a winning solution for publishers and advertisers alike.

  • Helps publishers sell larger ads with the concept of Tell More and Sell More.
  • Increases your advertisers’ reach using optimized ads and greater targeting.
  • Builds trust and reputation by leveraging respected certification and trust seals.
  • Helps publishers and their advertiser partners increase revenue.
  • Elevates a business’ online presence using data aggregators.
  • Helps publishers communicate with advertisers using clear reporting.
  • Offers a multi-channel promotional solution by improving search visibility.

Who Is SmartSolutions For?

Access to SmartSolutions is available exclusively to members of the ADP. Only Trusted Local Publishers can sell this solution as an authorized reseller. To achieve “Trusted” status, publishers must complete a certification program that demonstrates a high level of professionalism, data integrity, customer service – and other organizational best practices.

As one of a limited number of SmartSolutions resellers, publishers will have the tools to secure more advertisers and help accelerate their results.

Try SmartSolutions for Trusted Local Publishers

SmartSolutions combines the very best in sales technology with the power of branding and reputation. With our all-in-one toolbox, publishers now have the opportunity to increase their revenue and build advertiser partnerships that deliver long into the future. To get started, join the ADP and become a Trusted Local Publisher. Sign up or call (800) 267-9002 today.