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Directory Excellence Awards

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Help Businesses Get Found Online Beyond Your Local Directory

Help Businesses Get Found Online Beyond Your Local Directory

Print directory owners know better than most the importance of accurate and up-to-date business information. At the ADP, our Trusted Local Business™ Seal is one way a business can quickly show trust and precision in their data. However, online listings vary from print...

Faces of ADP With Brent Cooper

Faces of ADP With Brent Cooper

Get a peek into the lives of our members with The Faces of ADP™. Meet Brent Cooper, Owner and Publisher of CPC Yellow Pages. Meet Brent Cooper, Owner and Publisher of CPC Yellow Pages We’re taking a different approach with The Faces of ADP this month. Those of you...

Read what our members have to say about ADP

ADP membership has made all the difference in growing our US business. The professionalism and willingness to help from the ADP staff make it a great group to work with, and their conferences are an excellent forum for both learning and networking. To gain knowledge and meet the people who count, ADP delivers great service to its Partner members.

Daniel Saks
Maskyoo Ltd.

ADP is a must join organization for every directory publisher. It’s my source for the latest in the industry as well as future trends. I’ve found the support and education to be vital to my company’s success. The conventions are one stop shopping, great networking and must know information.

Mike Wier
Northern Directory Publishing

ADP meetings and events offer incredible opportunities for you to meet with the largest gathering of your industry peers. Networking with directory publishing professionals outside of your business environment gives you a broader perspective on how other companies in this ever-changing industry are handling their day-to-day concerns and challenges in this industry. Listening to others share their experiences energizes me and reminds me I’m not alone in this fight!

Amber Weems
Victory Publishing, Co.

Along with the rapid increase in the number of Internet users around the world, the World Wide Web has become the fastest growing advertising medium in decades. The rapid advancement of online technology requires researchers to help advertisers understand its intricacies and learn how to capitalize on this ever-expanding medium.

Steve Sitton
Market Authority

Online directory publishers need to be a part of ADP. This Association proves to us that there is tremendous strength in directory publishers combined efforts. ADP provides us the forum to exchange ideas, technologies and methods that enables all of us to increase our company’s bottom line.

Bernadette Coleman
Advice Local

Serving on an ADP Committee provides me the opportunity to interact with fellow members to diversify my knowledge and gain vaulable advice that I can take back to improve my company.

Kari Simpson
Digital Marketing Inc.

In today’s legislative environment, it is more critical than ever to network with fellow publishers and partner with vendors to advance the value story of our industry. ADP is the perfect one-stop promoter for achieving this objective. ADP leads the industry in successfully advancing the directory publishing concerns through government advocacy.

Chris Heilbock

Belonging to ADP means I can relate to others in my industry that speak the same “directory” language. Being a part of this Association offers me many opportunities to be with like-minded directory publishers. I leave ADP events having learned so much because of the willingness of members to share industry best practices and insights into our every day concerns and challenges.

Scott Feder

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