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The Association of Directory Publishers (ADP) is an international trade association serving the Yellow Pages industry since 1898. ADP membership includes publishers, advertising agencies, and suppliers to the print directory, mobile and online publishing industry.

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The Association provides its members with up-to-date industry communications, research, legal and legislative support, conventions, and numerous programs and services. Today, ADP is at the forefront of nearly all important industry initiatives, including protecting publishers’ competitive rights and serving as a trusted source of relevant information and data essential for the effective operation and continuing prosperity of its members. ADP is unique among trade associations. Though we are by definition an organization of competitors, our grandest tradition is our members’ willingness to share the industry’s best practices for the benefit of all.

online publishing industry

ADP’s Contribution Towards Member Interests

We provide our members with industry-relevant communications, content-rich conventions and workshops, strong public policy advocacy, and a variety of support programs and services to encourage the growth of independent publishers. As you explore our website, you’ll be able to easily find the information you’re searching for. More importantly, we hope you’ll discover something that surprises you and encourages you to join the ADP family.


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