SEO for Directory Publishers & Local Marketers

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important for every online directory publisher and marketer to understand — but what actually is SEO?

Created in a joint partnership with Advice Local, this guide — What You Need to Know About SEO — provides an introduction to SEO concepts like off-page and on-page SEO and gives SEO strategies and best practices for optimizing a website.

Readers will explore:

  • Why SEO is so important for online businesses.
  • How SEO can be used to boost a website’s placement in search engine results.
  • The different types of SEO and its many components.
  • Online tools to optimize a website and track performance.

The guide also includes a convenient SEO checklist to ensure a website is conforming to best SEO practices.

    Download What You Need to Know About SEO, the guide that every directory publisher and marketer needs in their toolkit today.

    SEO strategies can make the difference between being at the top of Google’s search results or being buried at the bottom — where do you want to be?

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