Localized Business Directories — You Dream It, We’ll Build It

It’s never been easier for online publishers to launch a localized business directory. The ADP online directory solution is designed for publishers to help local businesses build their brands online. With consumers wanting to work and shop near their homes, hyperlocal is the way to go. This solution is perfect for rural, suburban, metro and regional directories alike.

    Get to Know the Pros of This Localized Directory Solution

    • All-inclusive solution designed to help online publishers reach more consumers.
    • Features enable publishers to offer hyperlocal business listings and enhanced company profiles to businesses in their respective communities.
    • Integrations such as a sales lead generator, landing pages for local businesses and advertising subscriptions are included.
    • Benefits for the publisher include local community search site, hyperlocal directory of merchants and services providers, analytics, plus sales reporting.

    Learning more starts with completing the information request form today!

    Getting started is as simple as 1, 2, 3 — Select your market size and market ZIP codes, provide the digital ad creative and the localized business data.

    Creating a Localized Directory for Your Community Is a Few Clicks Away