ADP Trusted Local Business Certification Program

ADP Certified Trusted Local Publishers™ Can Now Sell the Trusted Local Business™ Seal small-and-medium-sized businesses

Today, search drives more and more consumers from print and online directories into brick-and-mortar locations. The need for a trusted Seal that reassures shoppers that they will receive an excellent customer experience is clear.

Trusted Local Business

Trusted Local Business


The ADP Trusted Local Business™ Seal, combined with listings management and local trust will strengthen a business’ credibility and help the company stand out among competitors in print, online or when a mobile search drives a local visitor into the location as they are searching for products and services.

The ADP Trusted Local Business Certification Program is dedicated to helping a business be identified as an experienced and trustworthy company who is educated and dedicated to offering only best practices as it relates to all its products and services.

Benefits for Business

  • Stand out in local print and online directory.
  • Instills brand trust in the business.
  • Sets the brand apart from the business’ competitors.
  • Encourages the conversion of leads into sales.
  • Receives the Trusted Local Business™ Seal for display online and in print.
  • Featured in the national online ADP Trusted Local Business Directory™

The Trusted Local Business Seal conveys trust and is earned by companies that apply and pass the certification process. The Seal can be displayed at the business’ locations, digitally and on print materials. The purpose of the Seal is to convey that the company has earned the highest trust of ADP. Businesses that are ADP Trusted and Certified will have passed a review process that verifies the business data is in order to be approved to display the Seal.

How Does the Trusted Local Business Seal Benefit a Business?

  • Increased Sales Conversions – The seal offers assurance to visitors considering making a purchase or joining an email list.
  • Placement in the ADP Trusted Local Business Directory – A business can gain targeted, high-converting traffic by advertising in a prominent business directory.
  • Differentiates a Business from the Competition – Differentiation is a crucial aspect of marketing.

The Trusted Local Business Seal allows a business to stand out in the minds of consumers.

Businesses across a diverse range of industries are benefiting from increased trust and confidence from consumers. Become a Trusted Local Publisher™ so you can sell the seal to your advertisers today!