Working with National Clients

Using industry’s “best practices” can help generate better results from your national sales channel. The national committee of the Association has compiled a list of some of the most successful tools for working more efficiently with national clients, sales agents and CMR’s. Maximize your sales results by taking advantage of this expertise.

Tools to Grow Business

  • Communication and networking techniques
  • How to handle transfers from the local to national, and vice versa
  • Market research and circulation audits
  • The ELITE system
  • Paying commissions
  • Directory libraries

Special Pricing Programs

A Publisher may choose to handle its national sales in one of two ways, internally or externally with a sales agent. Either way, contact is made with national businesses and/or their marketing and advertising agencies to sell a mix of advertising products and services.

Multi-Book Discount:

National advertisers receive a discount on orders for advertising in two directories. The more directories that are added, the larger the discount becomes. Discount is good for one year.

Discount Display Skip Step Program:

Current national advertisers may buy a larger display ad, skipping two sizes larger than current ad size, paying only for ad rate of next size larger.

Discount Step Up Program:

New national advertisers may buy display advertising at the regular rate but receive the next ad size larger. This program is only good for first-year display advertisers.

Trademark Incentive:

With the purchase of a TRL or TBLN, the national client receives a free trademark ad for the 1st year and the price for the TM rolls out to full rate over the course of 3-5 years. Some Publishers are offering free TM programs with the purchase of a TRL, TSL or TBLN.

Opportunity Heading Promotion:

National clients that place advertising in a heading that is underdeveloped are entitled to a discount in the range of 25% to 50%. Requirements are that the advertising is new to the classification.

Audited Circulation

Advertisers use audit reports to compare and evaluate advertising opportunities. Most national and regional advertisers require audited circulation. ADP can connect you with vital research services that create new ad revenue by helping publishers provide advertisers with the standardized, reliable data needed to make informed media buying decisions. The results can be shared with independent ad placement services, advertisers, CMRs and marketers.

Use the best tools to grow your business.