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    The Association of Directory Publishers offers the first-ever Certification Programs for the print and online directory publishing industry. The Trusted Local Certification Programs provide the industry with a methodology to identify experienced and trustworthy ADP Publishers and Partners that are educated and dedicated to offering only best practices. The Trusted Local Certification Programs and the Trusted Local Directory will strengthen your company’s advertisers’ credibility to consumers and help them stand out among competitors.

    In order to receive Certification from one of the Programs, ADP will evaluate your company’s integrity and ethical standards; customer service standards and company accountability; clear statements of pricing for products or services; sales training practices; and the integrity of your company’s data, including security and privacy of customer information.

    Once certified by the Association and the ADP Board of Review, your company receives the ADP Seal of Approval that can be used on both your company’s online and print products or sales materials. ADP offers the Trusted Local Publisher™, Trusted Local Partner™ and Trusted Local Business™ Certification Programs. The Trusted Local Directory™ will contain the Certified Trusted Local Businesses.

    Information submitted as part of the Certification programs will be kept confidential and used for the limited purpose of determining certification eligibility. If you have any questions please call 800-267-9002 or email info@adp.org.

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