SmartAds – Advanced Sales Tool for Publishers

SmartAds™ is the latest evolution in sales tools for directory publishers. As one of the ADP’s initiatives and programs for directory publishers, SmartAds helps publishers provide a high-quality service for their advertisers. A business advertising with a print directory wants to know they can get a positive return on investment. And thanks to SmartAds, publishers can help advertisers develop converting ads that reach more consumers.

SmartAds Print & Online Advertising Tool for Publishers

SmartAds for Publishers


How Does SmartAds Work?

As publishers understand, print directory ads are a highly effective sales tool for advertisers across numerous sectors. However, most existing ads are not optimized to reach the highest number of targeted consumers. SmartAds is the solution to this problem.

With the SmartAds tool, publishers can give advertisers access to the words real consumers use to find a particular type of business. This means advertisers can increase visibility and generate more sales by creating superior print ads based on real-world data.

And for publishers, additional copy points equal larger print ads and greater revenue. A win-win for both parties – and an asset for consumers seeking to find the right business for their needs.

SmartAds are also published online with all the keywords used for a print ad included in a Trusted Local Directory listing. This additional step ensures businesses are discoverable for the keywords that consumers with buyer intent are searching for.

What Are the Benefits of SmartAds for Publishers?

  • SmartAds helps publishers sell larger print ads.
  • SmartAds allows publishers to better serve their advertisers.
  • The SmartAds sales tool makes it easy to secure new advertisers.
  • SmartAds helps publishers increase profitability.

How Can SmartAds Help Advertisers Get New Business?

The SmartAds sales tool was developed to help sales reps clearly promote the value of print and online directory products. The tool produces a SmartSheet™ that precisely lays out a business’ existing print ad, including the words used to promote the business. The SmartSheet also lists keywords missing from the ad that competitors are using. When a sales rep then asks an advertiser to identify keywords that describe their business, the value of choosing a larger print ad becomes clear.

By detailing the keywords that competing businesses are using to target customers, advertisers can see the enormous potential of larger print ads. This process is called Tell More Sell More™ – target more keywords and reach more customers.

And with the added benefit of an increased online search presence through optimized directory listings, investing in directory advertising becomes the only logical choice. Now, thanks to the SmartAds sales tool, sales reps can promote the merits of print and online advertising together for increased revenue.

Who Can Access SmartAds?

SmartAds is available for ADP members who have completed the Trusted Local Publisher™ Certification Program. A Trusted Local Publisher can earn certification by showing they meet the highest standards of integrity, customer service, data integrity, clear pricing standards and other best practices.

When a directory publisher gains a Trusted Local Publisher Seal, they quickly win the trust of discerning advertisers. And with the added benefit of SmartAds, securing advertisers becomes effortless.

Get Access to SmartAds as a Trusted Local Publisher

SmartAds helps publishers increase revenue and deliver a superior product to advertisers. If you are a directory owner and want to reach new advertisers with SmartAds, join the ADP and become a Trusted Local Publisher today. Sign up now or call (800) 267-9002 for assistance.