ADP 2022 Annual Convention in Orlando, FL

2022 Annual Convention

May 2022 saw directory publishers gather in Orlando, Florida for the 2022 ADP Annual Convention. The three-day event featured a host of insights from leading experts in the print and online directory publishing industry. At the heart of the convention was a comprehensive presentation on SmartAds™ powered by ADP. See full 2022 ADP Annual Convention highlights here.

SmartAds is an innovative sales tool for ADP members to sell bigger print ads, while also publishing these ads online. Attendees were given a detailed breakdown of the tool and how it puts smart data into the hands of advertisers. Those in attendance heard several presentations detailing how to best use the tool to assist their advertisers and bring in more revenue for their directory.

As the convention progressed, members were introduced to SmartAds SmartSheet™. Using this tool, a Trusted Local Publisher™ with SmartAds can now show advertisers all the words used by competing businesses that they are currently not targeting. Publishers were shown how they can give SmartSheet to their sales reps for a simple and streamlined sales process that advertisers will clearly understand.

The Directory Excellence Awards closed out an incredible three days of presentations. This awards event was the perfect end to a conference that shared knowledge, insight and a lot of fun. Congratulations to the winning publishers and directories for continuing to raise the bar for excellence in the industry.

If you couldn’t attend the conference and want to see the SmartAds game-changing tool for yourself, you can learn all about SmartAds here.

The Association of Digital Publishers Trade Show and Annual Conference 2020

2020 Annual Convention and Partners Trade Show

The Annual Convention and Partners Trade Show was held in Oklahoma City where the theme The Power of Trust was the star of the show. Excitement was in the air after the unveiling of the first-ever Certification Program for the print and online directory publishing industry and the creation of the Trusted Local Directory™. Two initiatives that members agreed are industry game changers. Attendees felt a good balance of content and networking with presentations like How to Monetize Your Online Directory, What Keeps Salespeople Up at Night? and Effectively Compensating Your Sales Force for Success. Members enjoyed socializing at Toby Keith’s Bar & Grill and attending the Directory Excellence Awards Celebration that recognized outstanding directory and marketing achievements.

“Just left the 2020 ADP Convention in Oklahoma City. I left feeling more motivated and excited about our industry than ever!” said Michael Doran of ATD Media.

ADP Annual Conventions are designed so that attendees can connect, learn and grow.

2019 ADP Innovation Conference

November’s Conference held in Charleston, South Carolina, lived up to its Innovation title. Directory publishing professionals gathered to further their knowledge on new ways to increase their company’s bottom line. Attendees learned from innovative speakers where the SMB market is heading in the next 3 to 5 years; how do to offer digital advertising with measurable ROI and little overhead; and how to optimize your online directory for search. Presentations included lessons on the goldmine for increased sales using Google my business and methods for effectively using social marketing tips to sell social media management.

The Innovation Conference was generously sponsored by hibu and hosted by Quad.

2018 ADP Publisher Summit

The Publisher Summit was held in Champion, PA at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. ADP wants to thank the many sponsors and partners that contributed to the success of the meeting. The Summit was generously sponsored by Ogden Directories.

2017 ADP Annual Convention

The ADP Annual Convention, held at Hilton Fort Worth, Texas, lived up to the adage that things are bigger and better in Texas. This year’s three-day conference saw an increase in attendance from members around the world.

ADP wants to thank the many sponsors and partners that contributed to the success of the Convention. 

ADP Convention 2021

2021 ADP Annual Convention

It was a great time at the ADP 2021 Annual Convention, where members gathered to discuss the latest trends and issues facing the directory publishing industry. The May conference centered on topical discussions on how members have been navigating their businesses throughout the pandemic. Access the highlight reel here.

The recent victory over AT&T was highlighted, and the Association announced that its Action Plan is 80% finished and has hit the mark on the budget. ADP is also proud to be known as an Association of sharing, which adds tremendous value to its members. The progress of the first-ever Industry Certification Program and the Trusted Local Directory™ was applauded by those in attendance.

Roundtable discussions were on selling during the pandemic, and presentations included How to Make Money with the Leadz™ Program, Using the Ad Effectiveness Research, How to Track Digital ROI and how to keep up-to-date on topics with the ADP Daily News Feed.

A memorable part of the Annual Convention each year is the Directory Excellence Awards. This annual affair highlights the industry’s excellence in directory publishing and marketing.

ADP thanks convention sponsors Advice Local, Catalyst, hibu, iPublishmedia, Liberty Press, Media Measurement Solutions, Quad, Rauch-Milliken International and UpSnap for their continued support of the Association.

ADP Publishers Summit 2020

2020 Publishers Summit

In October of 2020, directory publishers converged on Nashville to increase their knowledge on the directory publishing industry’s ever-expanding quest to meet our customers’ advertising needs.

Experts from all areas examined the many prospects for our industry and its future outlook. Topics included understanding the various aspects of the Certification Programs and the Trusted Local Publisher™ business initiatives, Maximizing the 2020 Ad Effectiveness Study, Effective Virtual Sales Presentations, The Dos and Don’ts of Adding New Markets, Creating Good Sales Rep Training Models, Marketing Print and Online Directories With Traditional Media, along with various round table discussions.

Attendees also enjoyed a welcome reception sponsored by TXPAGES, a Pontoon Saloon River Cruise sponsored by Media Measurement Solutions and a Bourbon Trail Tour and Tasting event sponsored by Northern Directory Publishing.

Thanks to our additional sponsors for their continuing support: Hibu and Advice Local.

2019 ADP Annual Convention and Publisher Summit

Attendees gathered from around the world in May in New Orleans to learn from print and online directory professionals how our industry is evolving at warp speed. Speakers from all facets of our businesses discussed the current opportunities and trends affecting each of our company’s bottom line. Some of the presentations included the use of 21st century sales performance technology; digital directories, a new revenue stream; branding your business on social media; and transforming your online directory into an online success. Convention goers visited the Tradeshow to discover the latest services and products to elevate our industry and had plenty of opportunities to network with publishing executives. Per the suggestion of the membership, the Publisher Summit was held in conjunction with the Annual Convention. The Summit provided Publishers the opportunity to discuss topics of interests ranging from HR recruiting and retention to effectively selling print and digital to utilizing the ad effectiveness study, just to name a few.

ADP thanks the many sponsors of the Convention and Summit including hibu, Quad, Rauch-Milliken International, Inc., and Liberty Press.

2018 ADP Annual Convention

The ADP Annual Convention, held in Salt Lake City, Utah. ADP wants to thank the many sponsors and partners that contributed to the success of the Convention and all the members that came from around the world to attend the conference. 

2017 Innovation Conference

Numerous Industry Constituents attended the ADP Innovation Conference where Yellow Pages’ professionals gathered to further their knowledge on ways to increase their business’s bottom line by growing their company’s digital offerings. The Association encourages members to be a part of this Conference each year to better understand what competitive advantage your advertisers are looking for when deciding where to place their advertising dollars. Speakers from the cutting-edge of digital technology in today’s rapidly evolving world helped attendees explore what the Yellow Pages industry should be offering to SMBs in local advertising and marketing services.

The ADP Innovative Conference was generously sponsored by hibu and hosted by Advice Local.

See you at the 2022 Annual Convention!