SmartAds Print & Online Advertising Tool for Publishers

For directory publishers, selling advertising is one of the biggest challenges in the industry. Well, for ADP members, this task is set to get a whole lot easier thanks to SmartAds™. The new tool powered by ADP is a solution to the problem of selling larger ads, and also benefits advertisers looking for smart data. With so much competition for attention across all forms of advertising, SmartAds helps advertisers create ads that actually get results.

SmartAds – The New Cloud-Based Tool From ADP

SmartAds is a tool accessible to a Trusted Local Publisher™ looking to sell advertising space in print and online directories. With limited information, advertisers frequently create inferior ads that miss out on a high volume of print and online interest. The SmartAds tool addresses these issues by identifying opportunities for advertisers to reach more targeted consumers within their industry.

And the SmartAds sales tool tackles another common issue – how can publishers promote the merits of directory advertising in a digestible manner? Using SmartAds, a publisher generates a SmartSheet™. This SmartSheet shows the keywords used by a business in their current ad copy, and also the words that similar businesses are using. This information can make clear just how many potential customers are being lost to competitors through a lack of targeting.

So how does this information benefit publishers and advertisers? Well, for an advertiser, additional consumer search data makes it easier to target keywords used by real people with an active interest in a particular niche. And for a publisher, more knowledge leads to increased spending on larger ad formats.

Common Challenges Facing Directory Publishers

Selling larger ads has become increasingly challenging over the years. With more advertising choices, businesses need a reason to choose directories as one of their marketing channels. Of course, directories are still a worthwhile investment – but before SmartAds, it was not always possible to optimize results. These challenges include the following.

  • Advertisers now have more choices with an advertising budget.
  • Limited information is available to sales representatives.
  • Lack of cross-media collaboration with print and digital.
  • Limited data is accessible to advertisers to make informed choices.

How SmartAds Helps Publishers Overcome These Issues

With the introduction of SmartAds, publishers can help an advertiser maximize their return on investment across print and online directories. Previously, advertisers may not have understood how marketing through directories allows them to reach customers. Similarly, sales reps may often struggle to explain the benefits without access to analytics.

However, with the SmartAds sales tool, the best advertising strategy is mapped out in a straightforward SmartSheet. Publishers can show the benefits of investing in larger ads as they allow advertisers to increase visibility by targeting more relevant search terms. Advertisers can also take a more joined-up approach to advertising by leveraging a print ad on an online directory.

Leveraging Print Ads for Online Directories

Once an advertiser has seen the benefits of targeting more keywords with a larger print ad, they are usually ready to invest. But SmartAds goes beyond this by combining print and online directory advertising. Advertisers have access to a list of targeted keywords for a print ad based on real searches conducted by consumers. Therefore, these search terms can be applied to an online directory listing to reach even more customers.

Let’s take the Trusted Local Directory™ as an example. When consumers search for an industry-related keyword on Google such as “commercial landscapers,” an optimized listing on the Trusted Local Directory will often appear in a prominent position. This added traffic can be reliable and consistent, ensuring that a listing continues to generate ongoing traffic. So a simple print directory ad gets visibility from its users, and is also leveraged for traffic from multiple search engines over an extended period.

Why Become a Trusted Local Publisher?

When publishers apply to the ADP Trusted Local Publisher Certification Program, they are motivated to help local businesses increase their consumer base and earn more revenue. In addition, publishers want to help consumers find trustworthy businesses that will deliver the products and services they need.

Today, with the help of SmartAds, it’s now possible to achieve these dual goals. Businesses can use better data to reach more targeted customers, while consumers will find it easier to discover the quality companies that will provide exactly what they need. Plus, with SmartAds remaining exclusive to ADP members with Trusted Local Publisher status, the time to join is now.

Use the Power of SmartAds in Print and Online Directories

SmartAds helps publishers generate more revenue from larger print ads. To access this and other directory tools, join the ADP’s Trusted Local Publisher Certification Program. To get certified and display the seal to potential advertisers, call (800) 267-9002 or learn more now.