Improving Through Initiatives

At the Association of Directory Publishers, we are constantly striving to transform and better ourselves, along with our members. We have taken up several initiatives to help our members and our community as a whole.

ADP Trusted Local Certification Programs

ADP Certification Programs

Trust is everything — and building it is imperative! This is why ADP developed their Trusted Local Certification programs. Explore how to become a Trusted Local Publisher™, Trusted Local Partner™ or Trusted Local Business™ today.


Online Directory Optimization Services

ADP Online Directory Optimization Services

When it comes to attracting search engines, businesses and consumers, quality matters! Our suite of services helping online directories includes audits, data cleansing, ongoing maintenance to ensure data integrity and much more.


SmartAds Print & Online Advertising Tool for Publishers

SmartAds Sales Tool

SmartAds is a data-driven sales tool to help publishers sell larger print ads to advertisers. The tool combines the power of print directory ads with online discoverability for a better advertising experience.


Leadz Pay-Per-Call Program

Leadz™ Pay-Per-Call Program

Print directories can grow and attract advertisers they haven’t in the past with our Leadz Pay-Per-Call Program. Using a dedicated phone number, this program tracks which directory generated the call and pays the publisher. This means new revenue for everyone involved.


SmartSolutions for publishers


SmartSolutions combines the best of ADP’s publisher tools and services into one valuable component. Publishers now have the solution they need to attract more advertisers and maximize their long-term success.


Localized Business Directory

Localized Business Directories the ADP Way

Looking for a solution to build rural, suburban, metro or regional directories? Look no further than ADP. Our all-in-one directory solution makes it easy to build a powerful directory that will attract consumers, businesses and advertisers. Get started today!


adp initiatives

Advertising Revenue for ADP

Everyone loves a win-win-win! Publishers can grow underdeveloped headings in their print directories and help ADP to increase non-dues revenue by donating ad space in specific categories within members’ directories.


Join our initiatives. Strive to be better.