Saving the Environment Page by Page

ADP works diligently on behalf of our publisher and partner members to transform and innovate their businesses in regard to green initiatives. Educating and supporting local businesses and consumers in the most environmentally-friendly way is a key objective.

In 2007, the Yellow Pages Association and Association of Directory Publishers’ Joint Environmental Guidelines were adopted, and called upon all members to be environmentally responsible.

Our membership is committed to complying with applicable environmental laws and regulations and supporting balanced regulatory and voluntary initiatives that protect the environment, while also supporting innovation and industry growth.

Our Publishers are committed and work within their local communities to encourage responsible disposal and reuse of directories whenever feasible.

Environmental Support to Business and Consumers

Directory paper is made in a variety of ways – 99% of trees used in directory printing are an actual crop, such as corn, wheat, milo, etc. Since 2007, directory publishers have actually reduced their paper usage by 50%!

Directories make up a small portion of the waste stream when compared to newspapers, junk mail, and other non durable products that bombard us daily.

Join us and be responsible towards your environment.