Directory publisher strategies for 2023

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Established directory publishers are keenly aware of the need for evolution in the industry. With the demands of advertisers, visitors and search engines always subject to change, complacency is just not an option. With that in mind, planning ahead is a surefire way to deliver for customers. Here are some goals directory publishers can follow for a successful 2023.

7 Goals to Help Directory Publishers Achieve Success

At the ADP, we offer a range of tools and strategies to help directory publishers reach the highest standards. Our services can be aligned with the following goals for increased growth and revenue over the coming year.

1. Help Advertisers Get More Business

Ultimately, advertisers join directories to gain more customers. A high-quality directory allows an advertiser’s listing to be found by highly relevant consumers who are most likely to buy a product or service.

A Trusted Local Business™ has many advantages over competitors, with listings management as a stand-out feature. Advertisers get their data distributed to quality directories, increasing their reach on popular platforms like Judy’s Book and others. By joining the ADP, advertisers are positioned to help businesses get found online.

2. Offer More “Add-on” Services to Advertisers

A valuable way to increase revenue this upcoming year is to increase the range of services available to advertisers. These “add-on” services should bring more revenue to a publisher and also offer incredible value to an advertiser.

The Trusted Local Business Seal is a prime example of such a service. A business can apply for a seal to display credibility and integrity to users. Advertisers are typically looking for ways to stand out in directory listings, and additional services such as the seal help make it possible.

3. Train Salespeople on How to Sell More

The ability to sell directory advertising to an advertiser can make or break a platform. While a directory might be popular, robust and operated with integrity, advertisers still need this to be illustrated for them.

There are many reasons to attend an industry conference, but training is one of the most important. The ADP Annual Convention is one such event where salespeople learn how to sell more advertising space – along with many other skills.

4. Utilize the Tools Available to Their Fullest Potential

When publishers integrate quality tools into their daily operations, the results speak for themselves. This approach is particularly true when it comes to selling advertising.

The SmartAds™ tool from ADP is an excellent example of a tool that will entice new advertisers and maximize their annual spend. The technology identifies a broader range of keywords available to a business, allowing advertisers the chance to reach more customers and increase the return on investment.

5. Gain Recognition for Industry Accomplishments

Gaining recognition for developing a high-quality print and online directory service adds to a publisher’s brand reputation. One visible way to achieve recognition is by submitting to industry awards.

The ADP Directory Excellence Awards celebrates a range of reputable and innovative directory publishers each year. And even publishers who don’t win an award will benefit from industry networking.

6. Build Your Reputation With Advertisers

Increasing directory advertiser numbers is a highly achievable goal to set for 2023. However, with so much competition for attention, publishers must absolutely stand out from the crowd.

The ADP’s Trusted Local Publisher™ Certification Program allows publishers to clearly display their reputation, integrity and transparency to potential advertisers. With a prominent seal on display, publishers add instant appeal to their platform.

7. Partner With Other Organizations That Can Help You Grow Your Directory

The most successful print and online directory publishers understand the benefits of partnering with others in the industry. A strong network is useful for staying on top of new developments, remaining innovative and spotting new industry trends.

An ADP membership introduces publishers to a network of like-minded directory owners. By joining a directory publisher industry association, members can access the information reserved for a select network of individuals.

Join the ADP and Achieve Success as a Trusted Local Publisher

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