Become a SmartSolutions reseller

For both print and digital publishers, innovation is a factor that helps determine long-term success. The SmartSolutions™ sales tool is the latest example of an innovative approach that delivers for publishers and the advertisers they serve. But if you are new to the suite of products or have questions about the benefits, you’ll want to fully understand the reasons for becoming a SmartSolutions reseller.

What Are the Main Reasons to Become a SmartSolutions Reseller?

To become a SmartSolutions reseller, publishers must become an ADP member and gain Trusted Local Publisher™ certification. Every SmartSolutions reseller gets access to proven software and services optimized for print directories, digital directories, magazines and other places where ads are sold. Let’s see why smart publishers are opting to become resellers.

Comprehensive Sales Suite

SmartSolutions is more than a single product – it’s a suite of sophisticated tools designed to empower publishers. From the SmartAds™ tool that enhances advertisement creation to the Trusted Local Business™ Certification program that amplifies trustworthiness, SmartSolutions offers an all-encompassing solution.

As a reseller, you’ll have the opportunity to provide a comprehensive, high-value solution to advertisers. And each reseller receives a white-label badge to display on websites and print materials, broadcasting this fact to customers.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

The publishing industry is evolving, and businesses are actively seeking innovative tools to keep up. By becoming a SmartSolutions reseller, publishers are not just selling a product – this toolkit is a solution to the many advertising challenges faced in these times.

From getting ads seen by the right audience to accessing valuable data, advertisers have the tools needed to maximize return on investment. And remember, these benefits are available with SmartAds and a SmartSheet™ – just one aspect of SmartSolutions. This process keeps advertisers coming back, as they clearly see the benefits.

Increased Revenue

Ultimately, publishers and advertisers want to increase revenue and continue to reach more customers. SmartSolutions offers benefits for both parties through multiple channels.

Publishers can quickly sell more ad space using detailed analytics, trust symbols, along with the added benefits such as data syndication. Advertisers are encouraged to spend more on advertising, as they can target an audience of buyers with a likely interest in what they have to sell. This mutually beneficial outcome is why SmartSolutions is the ultimate sales tool for publishers.

Support and Training

The SmartSolutions team is committed to the success of its resellers. Therefore, all resellers have access to comprehensive support and training resources. These resources equip publishers with the knowledge and skills to sell the SmartSolutions suite effectively.

Support includes software training for publishers and sales staff, guidance on completing Trusted Local Business™ certification and automation training for monthly reports.

Stand Out in the Market With a Unique Offering

In an industry saturated with similar offerings, differentiation is critical for capturing attention and winning business. Fortunately, reselling SmartSolutions provides an excellent opportunity for differentiation. The product’s innovative, integrated approach to publishing solutions sets it apart from other products in the market.

Resellers can immediately differentiate themselves by displaying a white-label badge and a Trusted Local Publisher Seal. And as advertisers look closer, the combination of increased visibility through the SmartAds print and online advertising tool and greater presence with a Trusted Local Directory™ listing speaks for itself.

Become a SmartSolutions Reseller With the ADP

SmartSolutions combines many leading products and services into one simple sales tool. If you want to reach more advertisers and sell more ad space, join the ADP and become a Trusted Local Publisher today. Sign up now or call (800) 267-9002 to get started.