Trusted Local Partner certification.

The ADP Trusted Local Partner™ Certification Program helps businesses demonstrate credibility and integrity to publishers and other customers. While many companies are committed to best business practices and superior service, explaining this to potential partners is often challenging. But with the help of a Trusted Local Partner Certified Seal, a business can quickly show trustworthiness and align with industry leaders.

What Is a Trusted Local Partner?

The ADP Trusted Local Partner Certification Program evaluates companies to ensure they reach the highest standards of customer service, integrity, transparent pricing, data integrity and other key metrics.

Businesses are awarded the Trusted Local Partner Seal by demonstrating a commitment to these best practices. As a result, ADP members can feel confident investing in products and services from these certified organizations.

The Primary Benefits of Being a Trusted Local Partner

Organizations accredited as a Trusted Local Partner receive both direct and indirect benefits. Here are just some of the main advantages.

A Trusted Local Partner Certified Seal

Of course, many companies spend considerable time and money reminding consumers of their commitment to integrity, transparency and other ethical practices. However, the ability to showcase these qualities with a trusted seal does more with less.

As a Trusted Local Partner, a business demonstrates it has earned the right to display the seal on a website, in marketing materials and on social channels. The seal leans on the reputation of the ADP to display credibility, so the business can focus its efforts on marketing products and services. Just as an authentic customer testimonial carries a lot of weight with consumers, a seal instantly puts people at ease.

A Trusted Local Profile

To add to the impact of the seal, a Trusted Local Partner also receives multiple listings on the ADP website. A Trusted Local Partner page containing business contact information, a comprehensive description and social links authenticates the seal. Consumers can click the seal and immediately verify its legitimacy (while learning more about the organization).

Certified partners are showcased on the Trusted Local Publishers and Partners page. Featuring only a select group of publishing industry leaders and associated organizations, inclusion on the page awards a business with immediate trust. For additional promotion tips, read how to get more business with a Trusted Local Partner Seal.

Partnerships With Publishers

Trusted Local Partners have a unique opportunity to partner with Trusted Local Publishers through their connection with the ADP. In many cases, businesses that offer complementary products and services are a natural fit, with credibility having already been determined.

Let’s look at two instances of Trusted Local Partners benefiting from ADP certification. For example, Rocks Digital is a digital marketing agency that works with brands of all sizes. With a comprehensive range of marketing services, including SEO and listings distribution, publisher partners can help their members increase search visibility.

Liberty Press is a company offering commercial printing, bindery services, warehousing and fulfillment solutions and more. Naturally, many directory publishers would benefit from partnering with an established printing specialist, and could choose to work with an ADP-certified organization.

Increase Business Revenue

The ability to demonstrate trustworthiness will likely improve a business’ bottom line. For example, a survey from the software company Salsify found that 46% of U.S. consumers would pay higher prices for a brand name they trust.

Of course, building trust with consumers and business partners is a long-term project, one that certainly will not happen overnight. As part of the process, a dedicated trust seal from a reputable organization is an important step in building credibility.

Access to an Expanding Network

Networks are integral to the success of individuals, businesses and publishers, both online and in-person. As a Trusted Local Partner, a business gets access to a thriving network of publishers in need of related products and services.

With each new organization that joins the ADP, the potential for client partnerships and mutually beneficial agreements grows. And with a Trusted Local Partner Seal, demonstrating value will not be an issue.

Demonstrate Compliance and Standards

Successful publishers and other companies have high expectations for their partners. Increasingly, both organizations and customers expect businesses to operate according to industry standards of data protection, contract transparency and other crucial factors.

To earn ADP Trusted Local Certification a partner must meet many of these standards, increasing the authoritativeness of the seal. Consequently, when a partner displays the seal it functions as an immediate, effective symbol for business trust, ethics and best practices.

Become a Trusted Local Partner Today

The ADP provides certification programs for print and online directory publishers, partners and businesses. Apply today to increase trust and stand out from the competition. Join the ADP and become a Trusted Local Partner, or call us at (800) 267-9002.