SmartSolutions website for publishers.

Print and online publishers looking for innovative ways to serve advertisers are opting for the SmartSolutions™ sales tool. But alongside the pioneering approach to selling and optimizing advertisements, SmartSolutions resellers can also access a high-quality website. For those publishers without an online directory, working with the ADP is now the easiest and fastest way to build an online presence that satisfies consumers and advertisers.

Why Choose a SmartSolutions Website?

As part of becoming a SmartSolutions reseller, publishers receive a customizable directory website. Often called an Internet Yellow Pages (IYP), this website can be adapted according to the needs of each publisher. Let’s examine some of the features resellers can expect.

Done-For-You Solutions

ADP builds directory websites for SmartSolutions resellers tailored to their circumstances. Take a look at the Trusted Local Directory site to see the quality of a finished platform. ADP delivers a first-class product, whether a publisher is operating a niche, local directory or a broader, nationally-focused website.

An Active Audience

Already have an existing collection of business listings? ADP will populate the website with these businesses. Otherwise, the site can come fully loaded with business listings from the ADP’s trusted database.

Comprehensive Feature List

SmartSolutions IYP websites are customizable, allowing each publisher to get what they want from a directory. Websites can feature comprehensive listings, including contact information, photos, videos, products and services, social media integration and articles. You can give advertisers additional tools with options for deals, offers and paid advertising opportunities.

Pricing Options

Premium features drive revenue for directory owners, and website owners remain in control of these costs. With a SmartSolutions website, publishers have the flexibility to set pricing levels themselves.

Main Benefits of Using a SmartSolutions Website

  • Hassle-Free Digital IYP – SmartSolutions resellers receive a first-class, personalized website.
  • Affordable Solution – An IYP website is just one of the benefits of the affordable reseller package.
  • Limited Access – Only a Trusted Local Publisher™ can access the website, limiting availability to a select few.
  • A Suite of Services – A website is only one of the many features available to SmartSolutions resellers.

How to Get a SmartSolutions Website

As mentioned, a SmartSolutions website is actually an add-on to the entire reseller offer. Publishers who choose the services also receive the SmartAds™ advertising tool, training, a white-label badge – and the ability to offer Trusted Local Business™ certification. For further details on the service, see our top reasons to become a SmartSolutions reseller.

To receive a website, publishers must first join the ADP and become a Trusted Local Publisher. With this certification publishers can join the reseller program, and receive all the benefits of the SmartSolutions suite of tools.

Contact Us for a SmartSolutions Directory Website

As a SmartSolutions reseller, publishers get access to industry-leading tools and services. If you want to access a directory website, cutting-edge advertising solutions and much more, speak with our team today. Join the ADP and become a Trusted Local Publisher, or call (800) 267-9002.