SmartSolutions for digital and print publishers

As the home of online and print directory publishers, the ADP is always looking for ways to innovate and adapt to industry changes. And with the launch of our new SmartSolutions™ product, we’re taking advertising sales to the next level.

Our comprehensive suite of advanced publishing tools will revolutionize publishing operations, maximizing the potential for growth and success. Let’s look at the main components of SmartSolutions, and what it can mean for publishers and their advertisers.

Why Print & Online Publishers Should Choose SmartSolutions

With so much competition for attention today, traditional directory advertising often doesn’t produce the results it once did. In response, advertisers understand this predicament and are continuously looking for opportunities to reach consumers in new ways. With SmartSolutions, the team at ADP set out to create an integrated set of products and services that offers benefits for both publishers and advertisers. See the complete SmartSolutions collection of tools here.

Access to Advertising Data 

SmartAds™ is at the core of SmartSolutions. For many years, advertisers were forced to make assumptions about the phrases and keywords that would attract consumers, but with the SmartSheet™ generated within the SmartAds™ tool solution, this is changing radically. Now publishers can offer advertisers all the important keywords used by competing businesses, ensuring they order larger ad space and secure a return on their investment.

Trust-Building Tools 

Trust and credibility are crucial factors in the sales process, so naturally SmartSolutions incorporated these elements into the product. Resellers of SmartSolutions can offer Trusted Local Business™ Certification, allowing advertisers to demonstrate their standards of professionalism and quality service.

In addition, resellers receive training on how to complete this certification to offer a Trusted Local Business™ Seal. And as a reseller, publishers also receive a Trusted Local Publisher™ Seal – certain to stand out to prospective advertisers.

Increased Online Visibility 

Online visibility can make or break a business. Building a sustainable enterprise will be a challenge when consumers cannot easily find a company during online searches. In response, SmartSolutions has answers to the “how to” issues of building an online presence, including the following.

  • Business data validation to maintain consistency across all platforms.
  • Comprehensive listing management for widespread syndication of business data.
  • Placement in the Trusted Local Directory™ for a boost in local traffic.
  • Monthly reporting for publishers and advertisers to monitor visibility.

Not only will an advertiser see their business data syndicated across a host of platforms, they will also reach quality platforms with an existing user base. For publishers of directories, magazines and other services, this expands the scope of their products beyond their exciting publication.

How to Sell Services to Advertisers With SmartSolutions

The fact that publishers can sell the services included to advertisers is key to understanding SmartSolutions. As a reseller, a publisher gets tools and training for staff to sell services and ad space.

For example, showing a SmartSheet to a potential client makes the sales process far more smooth. Similarly, a publisher demonstrates credibility with a seal on their website, and the ADP’s platform can then promote the merits of a business seal to an advertiser. This integrative approach offers real value to both parties, and can ensure long-term cooperation.

Become a SmartSolutions Reseller Today

SmartSolutions helps online and print publishers secure more advertisers and increase revenue. The collection of tools ensures businesses have access to the data and certification they need to make smart marketing decisions. To see for yourself, become a Trusted Local Publisher with the ADP. Sign up today or call (800) 267-9002.