Directory advertising with SmartAds

The last time we were here, we talked about how SmartAds™ helps you sell larger print ads. Today, we’re going to cover how SmartAds, in conjunction with being a Trusted Local Business™, will help your local advertisers be more visible online.

Optimizing Listings With SmartAds

Without access to essential keyword data, businesses may underestimate the value of directory listings. But in reality, the issue for many advertisers is a lack of optimization. Now, thanks to SmartAds, publishers have access to clear guidance to create optimized listings, thus ensuring their advertisers maximize online visibility.

By leveraging the SmartAds sales tool, it is possible to identify keywords that are not currently getting targeted in online listings and print advertising. Here’s how it works… the tool provides other potential keywords being used by competing businesses, so that listings can be fully optimized for a broad range of industry search terms. The highly-focused data can be applied to both print and all online listings, including the Trusted Local Directory™, and used to sell larger ads for your directory.

Taking Business Descriptions to the Next Level

A well-crafted business description helps advertisers increase search visibility and secure more customers. However, many business descriptions don’t take advantage of the range of search terms used by consumers. SmartAds clarifies the process by finding the best keywords for each business.

You can simply create an engaging description using the keywords from the SmartAds tool, then adapt it across each online directory. If your team is struggling with crafting a good description, point them in the direction of our guide to writing business descriptions for online directories.

Increasing Search Visibility With SmartAds

The SmartAds tool provides publishers with the keyword data to succeed, but what real-world impact will this have? First and foremost, advertisers want to reach more consumers – and SmartAds-optimized listings makes this possible. Using information from the tool, you can see where competing businesses have an edge in the search results. This insight helps bridge the gap and funnel traffic to your advertisers’ listings.

An optimized listing will appear in search results for previously neglected keywords, increasing overall visibility and reaching targeted consumers. When you add in the authority of your advertisers being a Trusted Local Business, and the information within the optimized listing being distributed around the web (including to the Trusted Local Directory), you can maximize results with minimal effort for your advertisers.

Limited Access to the SmartAds Sales Tool

SmartAds is available only from Trusted Local Publishers™. ADP’s Trusted Local Publisher Certification Program reviews publishers for integrity, transparency and other metrics, determining adherence to best practices. With ADP certification and the pioneering SmartAds tool, selling advertisers on why they should advertise in your print directory and online has never been easier.

Generate More Advertising Revenue Using SmartAds

SmartAds helps publishers deliver the highest quality service for advertisers while increasing revenue for your directory. Join the ADP’s Trusted Local Publisher Certification Program and get certified. To get started call (800) 267-9002 to learn more.