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Mark Smith

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P.O. Box 294

Cranfills Gap, Texas


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TXPAGES LLC is a full service yellow page directory publishing company as well as providing online services to include websites, SEO services, Google Ad Word campaigns, online listing citations, as well as creating videos for small to medium sized businesses.

We value hard work and pride ourselves on providing the best value to our client and their customers. With over two decades of advertising and marketing experience, TXPAGES provides a unique combination of “old school” and “new technology” to help you achieve your marketing and advertising goals.

At TXPAGES, we have kept our finger on the pulse of marketing technology to help you determine which technologies are right for your business and which ones are not. In this rapidly changing digital environment, it is important to know which technologies to embrace. Our experienced staff is here to help you organize and develop a marketing and advertising plan to help you reach key consumers.

Let TXPAGES help you be found on the first pages of the three major search engines, millions of mobile devices, and local directories for an affordable low price.

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