These are tough times for print yellow pages. A number of companies have gone out of business. Many workers have been laid off. Employees in the industry and their families face uncertainty and economic stress. would like to help. We are starting a pilot scholarship program. Those eligible to receive awards include currently employed or laid-off employees of the print yellow pages industry and their immediate family members. Eligibility is granted not only to yellow page publishers but also to major suppliers and vendors to the industry. (Employees and family members of are not eligible.)

Applying is simple. There are no forms. Just write or email your entry. The program is based on the honor system.

Applicants do NOT have to be currently enrolled or accepted for enrollment in a school. Funds can be used for any educational or training-related expenses: tuition, books, supplies, etc.

Funds can be used for any college, vocational technical school, or online course work. There are no grade requirements.

For the initial 2015 pilot program, the award amounts are modest in order to facilitate refinements to the program. Three awards will be granted: $1,000 based on need, $500 based on merit, and $500 randomly awarded.

To enter, simply email Include the name and contact info for the student. For the random award, no further information is required. To apply for the merit-based or need-based awards, add a paragraph or two (or longer if you wish) briefly summarizing the merits or hardships. The deadline to apply is August 1st, 2015. Awards will be granted August 15th, 2015.

For questions or suggestions, please email or call toll-free 1-888-585-6933.