You can’t make this stuff up. And yes, this is a little bit of gloating.

Received (another) update from LinkedIn about a former Yellow Page industry “colleague” who has taken “another” new job in the dot something com of the month. This former colleague and I had several pointed online jousts on this site after he left industry about how bad YP industry was and how online would take over the world in a year or two.

It’s now been almost 10 years, and after checking his profile, he’s on his 11th job at another start-up, extolling their virtues and benefits.

Didn’t have the heart to tell him we’re still doing print Yellow Pages here. Sure, we’ve added online and mobile YP to the product mix. But I’m not going tell that local plumber here in our small beach town who got over 200 calls last month no one is using print Yellow Pages anymore.

Good luck buddy on that new job de jure.

Ken Clark President/Publisher at Small Pond Advertising