Why Advertise in the Yellow Pages? It’s All About the CURER Factors

Posted on June 13, 2012 on www.yptalk.wordpress.com

Small business owners (SMB’s) are very busy people. There is inventory, payroll, taxes, paperwork, scheduling, customer service, and yes, many even take the garbage out. You can’t blame them if they sometimes haven’t studied advertising and marketing trends. Which is why Yellow Page industry sales reps can be a big asset to their business.

We asked Jacqui Poneky of Genesis Publisher Services, a company that provides sales training and support services to a number of publishers, what core values does Yellow Pages have which should make it a preferred advertising source for most SMB’s? She immediately educated us on the CURER value factors:

“C” as in Circulation

Every home and business in the area receives the book free each year. Can any other media beat that? Circulation covers both the primary and secondary distribution that many publishers provide to new incoming residents and businesses in the book scope.

Those not interested in the print books can opt-out. So far, opt out percentages have been in the low single digit ranges in most communities.

Every rep should be fully versed in the number of copies distributed, where, and when.

“U” as in Usage

The latest research does show that even if overall usage has been trending lower, we are still talking about 7 out of 10 adults using the printed or online Yellow Pages at least once a year. Many business owners will question this fact given the perception that “everyone” uses the Internet or their mobile phone. But, if that was true, how could call tracking ads be showing a 10+% increase in call volumes year over year? In an economy like this, with high gas prices, buyers want to know if a product or service is available BEFORE they venture out to get it.

“R” as in Results

While we could argue about how many people use the books on a regular basis, one Yellow Pages fact not in dispute is what happens when a buyer does pick up the book – 78% make a purchasing decision and take action. Surfing the web can be cool, and I love flipping between multiple TV channels, after a leisurely ride home from work listening to the radio. But none of those media are as good an information source when I am ready to make that actual buying action as Yellow Pages. These other media are great if you want to be distracted for 45 minutes often on a tangent that has nothing to do with the original search parameters.

“E” as in Economy

Bottom line for SMB’s – its all about return. And this case we are talking ROI – Return on the Investment made in their advertising program. Can 70+% of SMBs be that dumb if they are at least renewing their Yellow Pages program each year? If it wasn’t working for them, why would they continue to spend money on it? Studies continue to show that print advertising programs are generating AT LEAST $10 for each $1 spent.

“R” as in Retention

It may sit on a shelf or a corner table for most of the year, but while that is happening, it uses no electrical power, doesn’t require any special connections, and is full portable ready and waiting for the customer is ready to buy. What other media has a shelf life of a year (or more), and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week including holidays?

These are the core values of Yellow Pages. They are the facts, and they are not in dispute. Are you sharing these with each advertiser (or potential advertiser) you are talking with?