In its continuing efforts to offer advertisers innovative and engaging opportunities to connect with its viewers, Shaw Media has partnered with Starcom Media, Leo Burnett and their client Yellow Pages Group to create live, “show-specific content” links to be inserted in key programs on HGTV Canada and Food Network Canada. This first-ever partnership was launched mid-August and will conclude mid-September.

The links play upon the consumers’ particular and immediate interest in whatever content is being showcased in the program they’re watching. For example, while viewing an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives that features hot wings, an overlay pops up on the bottom third of the screen directing viewers to use the Yellow Pages app to find the nearest local business for an order of wings. The nature of the Yellow Pages app fits perfectly with this type of advertising integration – a great blend of content and promoted offer. One overlay appears in 30 minute programs while up to two appear in 60 minute shows.

“The approach may seem simple but it’s quite inventive with a lot of behind the scenes expertise from the Marketing Ventures integrated sales team” said Errol Da-Ré, Senior Vice President, Sales for Shaw Media. “How many times have we been watching a show that triggers a desire for a specific product or service? With this campaign, we start playing an active role by increasing intent and shortening path to purchase. We look forward to developing this strategy further and bringing deeper metrics and reporting to the process.”

Targeted programming includes:

  • HGTV Canada
  • Holmes Inspection Holmes on Holmes
  • Best of Holmes Reno Raiders
  • Disaster Decks
  • Food Network Canada
  • Chopped Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
  • You Gotta Eat Here!

“Making advertising contextually relevant is a significant objective for us,” said Nicolas Gaudreau, Chief Marketing Officer for Yellow Pages Group. “We have reenergized our brand proposition and are looking for advertising opportunities that can help to amplify our messaging in innovative ways, while driving value for our own advertisers as well as the users of our platforms. This is a great example of that.”