Local 360 Media Shores Up Capital and Management To Rapidly Grow Print and Digital Business Units, Through Acquisition and Expansion

Midway, Utah (Apr 28, 2017) – Local 360 Media, LLC., publisher of phone directories and provider of creative digital marketing solutions for small businesses within niche geographical areas, announced today that it intends to acquire existing print companies throughout the US to accelerate their growth. The company recently secured key management and growth personnel combined with streamlined business processes necessary to drive a sustainable profitability, while rapidly expanding its footprint within the US.

Founded in 2003 by Bryan Willets, Local 360 media has developed a reputation for delivering a high quality product and securing growth within a declining print industry. “The key to profitability in a declining market is consolidation and efficiency. We have focused our efforts over the last 3 years developing and proving out a process which leverages struggling print operations into a sustainable business model. During the last 12 months, we have turned many of our existing books with declining year over year (YOY) revenue into YOY growth.”, said Bryan Willets, CEO.

Many print companies today are burdened with debt and declining markets. Local 360 media is looking for opportunities to acquire and help these struggling print operations and infuse the necessary capital, training and processes required to stabilize the decline, and return profitability to the operations. This saves jobs, expands markets and helps strengthen the print industry.

The combination of print and digital solutions allows Local 360 Media to secure the business relationship with the customer that will survive the evolving marketplace. Local 360 Media has invested heavily into key technologies and solutions necessary to satisfy the local business owners needs in acquiring customers. “Customers of today need confidence that their business partners understand the changing market trends and provide the necessary solutions that help drive customers through their doors”, said Bob Carter, SVP of Local 360 Media. Bob recently joined the company with extensive senior executive and fundraising experience in high growth and startup companies within the digital, video, manufacturing, and software industries.

Local 360 Media is currently looking for additional investors, strategic partners, and print companies who want to sell their existing print directories or be a part of a dynamic consolidation effort to strengthen our industry. Please contact Bryan Willets, CEO of Local 360 Media for further information.

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Bryan Willets