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GLocal Data Hub: The Future of SMB Websites

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018 | 2 pm – 3 pm EDT
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Presented by:
Matt Matergia, Director of Business Development
Mono Solutions

Matt Matergia heads up business development for Mono Solutions in the Americas. With nearly a decade of experience in the local and digital media industry, Matt focuses on helping our partners find success in the marketplace from a holistic vantage point. Matt has years of hands-on experience with the challenges companies face when selling digital services and technology to SMBs from working with some of the biggest names in local and digital media like Dex Media (now DexYP) and Location3 Media. When not in the office, travelling, or enjoying the Rocky Mountains, Matt helps with strategic planning as a Board member of non-profit, Broadleaf Health and Education Alliance.

SMB Websites Drive Consumer Behavior, Support Search, Inform Strategies & More

Websites are the original digital marketing platform for small businesses (SMBs). But today their relevance is being questioned amid the dominance of Google and Facebook and a few others. This black and white, either-or thinking is flawed.

An SMB website is a “hub” for local business data, supporting search engines, virtual assistants and third-party directories with authoritative content. Additionally, consumers rely on them on the path to purchase. However, most SMB websites fail to be effective as these “Local Data Hubs.”
The Local Data Hub concept envisions websites at the center of the local stack. This report explores the role and value of SMB websites, outlines the specifics of the Local Data Hub perspective and takes a look into the future of SMB websites.

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Getting Found on Google

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 | 2 pm – 3 pm EDT
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To be successful, your business customers need to be found by their customers. In today’s increasingly digital market, it’s imperative that businesses take an integrated approach to their marketing. Join Vivial for a FREE webinar, “Getting found on Google,” where we’ll discuss how online marketing tools compliment print directories to create a fully-integrated marketing strategy that is sure to get your business customers on the right track.

From search engine optimization and search engine marketing to online profile optimization and content marketing, our marketing experts will explain how these tools round out your product portfolio and drive not only new, recurring revenue but also how this approach can increase customer loyalty and retention.

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Laura Retter,
Content Strategist

Laura is a Content Strategist at Vivial. She helps make sure you know what’s going with all of our products, and more importantly, how they help to get your business in front of your customers online.

Chris Frost,
Client Success Manager

Chris Frost is a Client Success Manager who works hand in hand with local businesses to ensure their Vivial marketing programs work in the best way possible to help them reach their customers. With 4 years’ experience working in the digital marketing space, Chris is able to put himself in the business’ shoes to best understand their goals and helps develop strategies to achieve them.

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