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A consistent challenge for print and online directories is reaching businesses to advertise on their platform. This struggle is one of the reasons so many advertisers choose to join the ADP. Understandably, if you have yet to join a directory publisher industry association, you may not be aware of the benefits they provide. Here is a closer look at the advantages of joining a respected association like the ADP.

The Main Benefits of Joining Directory Publisher Industry Associations

A fundamental benefit of strong and respected industry associations is their ability to shape public policy and strengthen the industry as a whole. While this is an incredibly important and long-term strategy, there are also more immediate benefits for publishers that join the ADP.

Members-Only Discounts

The best industry associations will give publishers the resources they need to thrive. The ADP is at the forefront of this work with a full calendar of webinars and in-person events. These events are designed to deliver value in specific areas most useful to a publisher.

For example, live conference events feature presentations from expert speakers, explaining the latest trends, ideas and best practices in the industry. And of course, the ability to network is a prime benefit. Webinars provide content-rich education remotely, with the potential for members to present their own content. All of these valuable resources come with discounts for ADP members.

Access to Accurate Business Data

One of the most important aspects of directory development is populating it with businesses. Unfortunately, accessing these business listings can be harder than it might seem, with bad data delivering poor service to users. For directory publishers to deliver the best service, they need business data that is up-to-date, accurate and relevant.

For access to this data, look no further than ADP membership. ADP publisher members can find this accurate data by simply completing a form, with data files updated every month. Consequently, publishers can stop worrying about the trustworthiness of their data sources, and focus on other areas of their directory.

Become a Trusted Local Publisher

Trust and credibility are vital factors for assessing directory publishers. A business places its own reputation out front by promoting and advertising itself on an industry directory. Therefore, it is natural to want to see examples of reliability and trustworthiness before investing in paid advertising. While businesses once had to rely on word of mouth, they can now look to the ADP Trusted Local Publisher Certification Program.

The program requires publishers to undergo an ADP review to verify integrity, customer service standards, data privacy, contract transparency and other key metrics. Subsequently, publishers can promote their proven high standards through an ADP Certified Seal, and businesses can feel confident joining the directory. Anyone looking to attract advertisers to a directory in 2022 should consider the benefits of becoming a Trusted Local Publisher.

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

Industry associations can deliver incredible value through networking opportunities alone. The ability to communicate and form alliances with fellow publishers ensures access to the latest trends, technology and marketing strategies. A publisher may choose to just share information, or they could potentially collaborate on mutually beneficial projects.

As ADP members, publishers can also feel secure when they see the Trusted Local Publisher Certified Seal. The certification indicates that a directory has met high ethical standards and operates according to industry best practices. Forming partnerships and sharing information with trusted partners becomes easier when all parties have reached high standards of trust.

A Profile Spotlight

Joining the ADP provides directory publishers with profile spotlights on the website. As a result, publishers can add to their credibility with a respected industry association. Getting recognition as a trusted publisher emphasizes a key part of joining an association – a shared effort to grow the directory industry. As each individual publisher builds recognition and respect, the industry can thrive across different locations and industries.

Online visibility is one of the toughest challenges for publishers, businesses and individuals alike. The ADP gives opportunities to publishers to stand out and showcase their platform, demonstrating their dedication to the highest standards – and their commitment to delivering for businesses. If this sounds like something that would benefit your directory, discover how to join ADP and enjoy all of these advantages.

Promote Your Directory by Joining the ADP

Directory publishers looking to improve their knowledge, trust, tools and visibility should consider joining the ADP. With the ADP’s Trusted Local Publisher Certification Program, publishers can reach quality businesses looking for advertising opportunities. To join the ADP, call (800) 267-9002 or read more about the program.