Promote a business with a trust seal.

The Trusted Local Business™ seal is one of the simplest ways to highlight the reliability, trustworthiness and integrity of a business. A customer making a purchasing decision needs to know they can trust a company over the competing choices. But how does a business stand apart during the all-important evaluation of alternatives phase? There’s a great answer – with the help of an ADP Trusted Local Business seal – a proven way of helping customers sort the reputable organizations from their poorer counterparts.

How Does the Trusted Local Business Seal Help Customers

A crucial aspect of marketing and promotion is helping customers make the right buying decisions. When a business fails to adequately promote its excellent reputation, the customer loses out and will look elsewhere. Using a Trusted Local Business seal, a business can quickly win trust with the authentication of the ADP. Here are some of the ways the seal can help.

Provides Trust on a Website

It is difficult to differentiate one website from the next. And visitors to a site have little reason to trust a business they have never purchased from before. But the appearance of a trust seal from a recognized organization offers instant credibility. A business needs to be authenticated before receiving a seal, and must show a dedication to best business practices.

Therefore, the seal provides immediate reassurance to a customer.

Offers Trust at the Storefront

Customers are changing their buying habits, using the internet to assess a business even while outside a store. A Trusted Local Business Seal reassures customers that a store can be trusted and their time won’t be wasted. The seal can be highlighted for individuals performing online searches and also displayed at the storefront to encourage entry.

Ensures Listing Distribution to the Top Directories

Directories are an essential method of online promotion for a local business. Customers find companies using the many directories online, and search engines use directory syndication as one method for discerning the popularity of a site. Businesses that become a Trusted Local Business have their information distributed to the online directories. This has the added benefit of ensuring the business’ information remains consistent across each platform – a key factor for SEO.

Provides a Trusted Local Profile

Every business achieving Trusted Local Business status will receive a Trusted Local Profile on the Trusted Local Directory™. This profile provides the opportunity for the business to showcase their products, services, deals, videos and much more. A searcher finding a Trusted Local Profile is ready to make a buying decision, and an optimized business listing in the directory makes a purchase highly likely.

Improves the Conversion Rate

The success of a business is in part down to the conversion rate. If it becomes too expensive to acquire new customers, the company will fail to grow. Trust plays a crucial role in the conversion rate, with uncertainty interrupting the sales process. But the addition of a trust seal can make all the difference. In fact, a seal can be added at multiple points, from the initial marketing materials to the checkout page.

Enhances Trust in Advertisements

Direct marketing advertisements often suffer from a lack of trust. Consumers are reluctant to click online ads or dedicate much time to printed advertising materials. But a trust seal can change the dynamic of an ad, offering some instant credibility. A Trusted Local Business Seal overcomes the common objections experienced by a customer, letting them engage with the content of the advertisement.

Improves Print Marketing Materials

Print marketing is an effective way to promote products and services to targeted consumers. But most people receive an abundance of sales material and won’t engage with it on a serious level. A business has a limited amount of time to grab the interest of a customer and convince them they are dealing with a reputable company. The trust seal achieves this almost immediately, allowing the main sales copy to have an impact.

Separates a Business From the Competition

Without the luxury of an established brand reputation, businesses are often left to fight for the attention of a limited number of consumers. Trust and brand loyalty enable a business to capture a customer and often keep them coming back for years. The Trusted Local Business seal is a key way to separate a business from competing brands that could look similar to new customers.

Now Is the Time to Sell the Trusted Local Business Seal

In order for a business to purchase the Trusted Local Business seal, they must purchase it from a Trusted Local Publisher™. If you are a Trusted Local Publisher it’s time to get busy selling – if you are not a Trusted Local Publisher, you need to apply today. Call us at (800) 267-9002 if you have any questions or drop an email to us.