Steve Sitton, ADP Annual 2020 Convention in Oklahoma City, OK

May 3–5, 2022 will see print and online directory publishers assemble in Orlando, FL for the 2022 ADP Annual Convention. Taking place at Tru by Hilton® Orlando Convention Center, leading directory publishers and local search professionals will meet once again to share insights and forge new relationships. With the event right around the corner, now is the time to set aside three days and register your interest in the event.

Why Directory Publishers Need to Attend the ADP Annual Convention

There are many reasons to attend industry conferences, and this year’s conference is one you will not want to miss.

As the directory publishing industry continues to evolve following the pandemic, this year’s convention offers a chance to get together with fellow directory publishers to hear from a range of compelling speakers across the industry. Each presentation will offer cutting-edge trends and topics from the publishing industry to help you deliver a comprehensive strategy for selling advertising and assisting advertisers.

Publishers that have attended industry conferences before will instantly recognize the power of networking. With so many leading names from the industry sharing information, every session will provide something of value. During each of the three days, time is set aside to digest the presentations – and get familiar with other print and online directory publishers.

Taking Directory Publishing Conventions to the Next Level

Attendees at the 2021 ADP Annual Convention came away with valuable insights on the latest trends in the publishing industry. But this year’s event goes even further in showcasing profit-making strategies for publishers. The broad theme is how to sell bigger print ads, and also help advertisers increase visibility online. Of course, the theme will be analyzed in detail with actionable steps for long-term results.

Insights From Directory Publishers and Local Marketing Experts

Across the three days, speakers will highlight the value of the SmartAds™ Sales Tool. Speakers including Azim Tejani from YaSabe, Andrew Palmer at PBC Multi Media and Mary Jo Gleason from Media Measurement Solutions will detail how to use the tool to sell bigger print ads, and educate advertisers on the profitability of investing in larger ads.

Presentations will also focus on online visibility using SEO and other strategies. Bernadette Coleman from Advice Local will explain content indexing and SEO, Chris Heilbock at Hibu will explain how to secure more leads using Trusted Local Directory™ and Lissa Duty from Rocks Digital will outline strategies for creating compelling business directory listings.

Along with many other engaging speakers and directory publishing topics, attendees have the chance to brainstorm industry issues and plan for the future. These sessions will include many of the sharpest minds in the industry – professionals who are committed to sharing knowledge within the community.

Recognizing Industry Excellence at the ADP Awards

The convention will also host the ADP awards in celebration of the many outstanding contributions to the directory publishing industry. The awards presentation will round off the convention with dinner and drinks at the Citrus Ballroom. Awards will be presented in the following categories.

  • The ADP Directory of Excellence Award – The best directory of the year.
  • President’s Award – Notable industry contributions.
  • Wil Lewis Award – Lifetime contribution award.

Directory publishers wanting to secure their place should register now for the 2022 ADP Annual Convention.

Join Us at the 2022 ADP Annual Convention

If you’re ready to unite with the biggest and brightest names in the directory publishing industry, join us in Orlando, FL for this special event. Register to attend to confirm your place or contact (800) 267-9002 for more information.