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Rocks Digital

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Lissa Duty

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P.O. Box 9265

Greenville, TX


United States



Rocks Digital is a digital marketing agency for small-and-medium size businesses. Their clients are businesses that need help expanding their local and digital footprint. Web development, SEO, local search and content creation are a few areas of their expertise. Their clients range from mom-and-pop shops around the corner to national brands wanting to garner attention and attract customers at the local level.

Rocks Digital is the brainchild of Bernadette Coleman and Lissa Duty, co-founded in 2014. Rocks Digital was created from the merging of two national events – the Local Social founded in 2013, organized by Bernadette and the DFW Rocks Social Media Conference founded in 2012, organized by Lissa. Our mission is and has always been to provide business owners, marketing, SEO, search and content professionals with the resources, information, and insights to stay on the forefront on digital marketing.

Over the years, the Rocks Digital brand has morphed to meet the needs of their audience base. What was once a content site and annual conference is now a full-service digital marketing agency. They have the team, the talent and expertise to meet your business’ needs. Today Lissa Duty steers the ship as managing partner of Rocks Digital. Contact her today to learn about how they can help you expand your brand online!

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