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Scott Feder
President at Shrewd Marketing LLC
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Shrewd Marketing LLC Announces its Support for New Local Business Directory
Solution for ADP Publishers at Annual Convention and Partners Trade Show

NEW ORLEANS, LA – May 6, 2019 – Association of Directory Publishers partner member
Shrewd Marketing LLC , a digital marketing agency and Internet directory platform provider, announces its support of a new digital directory program benefitting ADP publisher members at the 2019 national convention.

“We believe an industry-wide local business directory platform that is
ubiquitous for all ADP Publishers is essential for developing a long-term,
cooperative future for the association.”

“We encourage ADP Publishers to explore development of a network of
exclusive sales franchises in support of the association’s “trusted” local
business program that is under development.”

-Scott Feder, President at Shrewd Marketing LLC

Shrewd Marketing presently publishes Internet business directories throughout the US for as co-branded, hyperlocal digital directory editions. The platform technology is now available as an “industry solution” that can be private labeled for the association of directory publishers and digital media agencies throughout the US.
“Our goal is to produce a unified, online business directory that collectively benefits consumers, local business owners and ADP directory publishers. We have the experience needed and the technology in place to scale and support the “trusted” local business initiative for ADP,” added Feder.

Through this program participating publishers would receive team log-in credentials to develop
and manage their assigned sales territories. Local market pages from the directory will appear online depending on the user location when searching for products and services. As a result publishers have the ability to customize their local editions of the ADP directory with imagery, branding and digital advertising that includes display banners, videos, featured local business and contextual ads.

ADP publishers will benefit from having a local Internet directory for at least three reasons:

1. Extends the reach and value of traditional directory products because print
advertisement with “trusted” local business badges are reproduced to appear online.
2. Generates a steady flow of inquiries from local businesses who want to learn more
about being listed or featured.
3. Provides a way for sales reps to recommend new digital marketing solutions for local businesses.

ADP publisher members can learn how to host a digital directory to garner new advertisers, retain current customers and increase their bottom line by attending the the upcoming ADP Annual Convention and Partners Trade Show May 6-8, 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

About Shrewd Marketing LLC
Established in 2015, Shrewd Marketing LLC is based in Canandaigua, NY with a mid-Atlantic office in Ashburn VA. We are a team of digital marketers, software developers and SEO specialists with over 50 years of combined leadership experience. We offer the technology and expertise needed to successfully manage online directory publishing platforms for ADP Publishers. Since 2007, our leadership team has worked with over fifty directory publishers and hundreds of local business owners to build and manage successful sales and marketing programs. For more information, visit Shrewd Marketing online.