The #1 Cause for Most Sales Problems


The best presentation tip is: Find out what’s important to your prospect. Most reps walk into a sales call (in person, by phone or mail) with a list of what they think they have to say. Before prospects ever share a single thing, sales people already know what they have to say, and they are eagerly waiting for the moment to start saying all these things. This is the reason for many of your problems.

Intuitively this approach makes sense, right? You’re prepared! You planned! You’re not shooting from the hip. Here’s the catch: You prepared and planned what to do and say about you… and your prospects don’t give a hoot about you. They care about about themselves, and you’re talking about you! No wonder you have trouble getting them back on the phone after your first meeting. No wonder, their eyes glaze during your “presentation”. As a novice sales person, I remember sitting in the chair “presenting” my product and company and watching them start to drift asleep. What an awful feeling!

The good news is that the process to turn this nightmare around is simple. Don’t go in planning to talk about yourself. Go in planning to talk about them. Put a great list of questions together and watch as you actually create desire before you ever talk about you. In fact, watch how you almost don’t have to talk about yourself!