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Data Regulations and Compliances, Is your company ready?

Data is valuable. Cloud computing and user-generated platforms based on data sharing is on the rise. The Internet of things is growing. New technical possibilities are emerging and all this means that the expectations on data anonymization, usage and control is in the legislative forefront. In the past, compliance requirements were largely driven by U.S.-based regulations, but that has changed and Europe is now driving many issues concerning the internet. They have been the drivers of the antitrust, case against Google, and they are now driving a law called GDPR, which deals with restrictions around personal data and how companies use it. This episode helps leaders understand what the new data protection laws are and why, regardless if you are a US company, a European company or an Asian company, if you handle or have acquired, directly or indirectly, European data you will need to comply with Europe’s new regulations. This episode is a must for all leaders.

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