2020 Publisher Summit – Nashville, TN

Every business has a multitude of questions on a number of topics during this pandemic and our directory publishing industry is no different. Because our virtual Publisher Summit in April was a huge success, the ADP Board of Directors conducted a survey to determine interest in a fall Summit. The results were many members were ready to meet in person and some were not, but expressed interest in a virtual meeting.

The Board decided to offer a hybrid in-person and virtual meeting October 7-9 in Nashville, Tennessee. The in-person meeting will follow all CDC Guidelines to ensure attendees’ safety. The meeting venue will be forthcoming.

This ADP Publisher Summit Meeting will specifically address the needs and concerns of publishers. Both onsite and virtual attendees will contribute to discussions on the various topics publishers are facing in today’s “new normal” marketing environment. You will hear first-hand what your fellow publishers are doing now to face these challenges and find success in these challenging times.

Attendees of previous ADP Publisher Summits know how valuable the information exchanged between publishers is and that this is why you don’t want to miss this meeting. Publishers big and small from around the country will come together during the Summit to share and openly discuss their concerns, opportunities and challenges that face their companies.

In addition, the revenue producing successes of the Trusted Local Publisher/Business Initiative will be discussed and also how to maximize the results of the 2020 Ad Effectiveness Study to help your reps sell more ads.

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