Online Directory Data Cleanse

ADP can now help you improve the accuracy of the business data listed within your directory with our on-going directory data cleansing service.

On a monthly basis, we’ll run your directory’s data against public and private records to determine the overall data integrity of each business’ listing. We’ll then validate the business’ address, phone number and other data related to the business entity.

For the business’ data that is inconsistent, we’ll normalize the data and flag any bad or spam listings.

We’ll also determine whether the businesses in your directory are active and provide a confidence score for every business entity in your directory’s database.

We’ll also append the active business listings, providing any additional data we have available such as contact names, email addresses, phone numbers, business categories, services, products and more.

Pricing & Terms: $500 per month. Requires a minimum of a 12-month contract. This pricing applies for up to 10,000 records. Beyond 10,000 records, please contact us to request a quote.

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    To rank well in search results, the business listings in your online directory need to have reliable data and their consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone number).

    But did you know that, according to a study by Vendasta, 86% of businesses have either missing or incorrect company information listed on directories?

    Bad data could be hurting your online directory — but ADP can help. Sign up today for our data cleanse and validate the integrity of the data listed in your directory.

    We will normalize any inconsistent data and provide a confidence score for all your business listings. Bad data is bad for business, but you can begin correcting it today.

    Start improving the visibility of your online directory today — take action now!