Ongoing SEO Services

When it comes to placing in search results, remember you can’t just fix it and forget it. After we have performed an audit of your directory, you definitely want to opt for our ongoing SEO services. With this service, we’ll not only implement all the recommendations revealed in the audit, but we’ll do much more.

Getting to the first page of search results and remaining there is a must. The more we increase the placement for the pages and listings within your directory, the more businesses and site visitors your directory will attract. Both of these mean more advertising dollars for your online directory.

Pricing & Terms: Requires purchase of directory audit listed above. Pricing and terms vary based on the pages within directory and overall needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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    According to a study by BrightEdge, organic traffic from search engines accounts for 51% of all website traffic and 73% of traffic to business services sites.

    If your directory isn’t appearing in the top search results, it’s missing out on most of this organic traffic.

    Successful directories need consistently high placements in search engine results, but that requires continuous work.

    ADP offers ongoing SEO services to help boost the success and exposure of online directories.

    Increased online visibility means more traffic, more business listings and more advertising for you.

    Start improving the visibility of your online directory today — take action now!