Clever Dialer provides an ecosystem around phone calls. Our SDK for Android is especially developed for directories with the purpose to make directory apps more engaging. The Clever Dialer SDK

• engages the user automatically and immediately

• naturally extends the directory into the phone call giving the user valuable information about the caller

• protects users from a very real threat: scam calls

• enhances online booking by extending it into the call process

• boosts visibility of the directory app without the user having to open it with up to 25 %

The Clever Dialer SDK comes with a

• fully integrated onboarding process

• user reminders for missing permissions

• user reactivation features

• out-of-the-box settings page

This means you can add the Clever Dialer SDK to your app with little effort, at a low cost and immediately provide the benefits to your customers. For more information contact Thomas Wrobel at