October 7, 2013 – Hibu announces first marketing campaign since rebrand, along with new slogan: “Hibu. Made for Business.”

Hibu, the digital marketing services provider formerly known as Yell Group, has announced its first outbound marketing campaign since being renamed in May 2012.

The company, which specialises in SMEs, has also announced a new slogan, “Hibu. Made for business.”The campaign will centre on websites, search and display advertising, and will offer customers a choice between a personalised service and ‘do-it-yourself solutions’.

Hibu’s chief marketing officer, Laura Broderick, said: “Our target customer is the business owner who may already be running some digital marketing activity, When you look at the market as a whole, research shows that small and medium enterprises are struggling to capitalise on the online growth in retail and services and even those businesses that are doing something think they could be doing better.”

The research in question, conducted by Critical Research Ltd and Impact Research, showed that 37 per cent of SMEs do not have a website, and 88 per cent of those which do have not optimised their site for viewing on smartphones or tablets.

In the face of findings that over half (53 per cent) of Britons now have mobile access to the internet, and that 88 per cent of those have searched for local information, the research suggests that SMEs are on the whole failing to capitalise on the opportunities afforded by digital marketing, a point Laura Broderick was keen to highlight:

“The statistics all say the same thing: small and medium enterprises are not really competing in this space. Our new campaign says to SMEs that this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. It says that our team of designers and digital experts has created the necessary technological firepower combined with a personal touch to help them compete.”

Hibu made headlines in July this year after a restructuring deal resulted in the company being handed over to lenders in order to cut some of its reported £2.3 billion debt and save jobs.

However, in spite of these struggles, the company’s digital services unit saw revenues rise by a third last year to £174m.

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