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All of the options, including the sale of certain activities, are on the table in order to revive the Yellow Pages, warns the new president and chief executive officer of the company, David Eckert.

In my job for a little less than two months, the one who introduces himself as a specialist in the turnaround of companies that can “do better,” he said on Tuesday he could not yet specify his plan, since he has just been appointed. “We don’t like wasting time and we don’t intend to lose,” quipped Mr. Eckert to analysts during a conference call to discuss results for the third quarter.

Mr. Eckert, which has driven the transformation of Hibu, a former editor of directories, which is transformed into a digital marketing company, replaces Julien Billot, who, after three years, was thanked by the board of directors.

Questioned by analysts, the new owner of Yellow Pages has clearly indicated that it intends to exercise caution in regards to expenditure of the company, including for new investment. It is not, however, gone so far as to discuss possible reductions in workforce within the society.

Questioned as to the possibility of disposing of certain activities, Mr. Eckert replied that there was nothing he could depart, adding that the management of Yellow Pages is needed to determine what was most important for the company. “If the answer is not […] it is necessary to ask whether this asset is worth something. If it is yes, the question is whether this money should remain [in our hands] or whether it is better that he finds himself in the hands of our various investors. “