Take the Wolley Segap Challenge

Take the Wolley Segap Challenge

Let's take a trip down memory lane. Do you remember Wolley Segap? If you guessed it is Yellow Pages spelled backwards, you are correct! Wolley Segap was the name of a character used in a Yellow Pages ad years ago.  

At the recent ADP 2017 Annual Convention, President and CEO Cindi Aldrich challenged the attendees to send in photos or videos showcasing the escapades of Wolley Segap (a.k.a. Yellow Pages directories), and how near and far Wolley Segap travels.

Here are a couple examples. Rance Walls of Liberty Press is holding a Woodlands directory at the Utah U.S. Olympic Training Facility and Tom Surnbrock of McGill Directional Media has a Santa Barbara book at a John F. Kennedy statue in Texas.


We are giving members creative license and they are limited only by their imaginations. You only need to use the directory cover so you don't have to take the entire book with you on your adventures.

Please send your videos or photos in .mov, .pdf or .jpg format to info@adp.org by September 30, 2017. We will be putting them up on the ADP website and possibly using them at the 2018 Annual Convention in Salt Lake City.

We look forward to receiving your creative submissions!



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