“If the Sopranos wanted to supplement their trash collection cover business, they could achieve synergy in the print yellow pages industry. Tons of freshly-printed phone books are disposed of at landfills and recycling centers.” reports David Parks, President and Founder of DirectoryDistribution.com.

The dirty secret of the directory delivery business is that fraud is rampant.

Unlike the mob with its adrenalin-laced preoccupation with drugs, hookers, and hit-men, shenanigans in yellow page print distribution tend to be more run-of-the-mill offenses. “One of the biggest problems is delivery workers dumping books and getting paid as if the books were properly delivered” added DirectoryDistribution.com’s Qiulan Zuo.

GPS tracking is an obvious solution but exceeds the budgets of most publishers and delivery vendors. A new, cheap device by DirectoryDistribution.com will solve that problem.

The device will sell for the price of a disposable flashlight because it isn’t real. The fake trackers will deter fraud just like video cameras deter crime. The fake units will provide users with the same tactile, auditory, and visual feedback – engineer lingo for lights and chirps – as real GPS units.

Delivery workers will assume all of their deliveries are being tracked and counted. A customer’s inventory of fake units can be seeded or replaced with active tracking units as their budget allows.

DirectoryDistribution.com is also launching real GPS units custom-designed for yellow pages distribution. Shawn Norman reports that the devices will emphasis extreme battery life, geo-fencing which helps the delivery worker find and stay in their delivery zone, and real-time opt-out recognition.

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