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I’ve attached a link to an article from about the slowdown of cell phone adoption in the US. I think this is part of the equilibrium of digital and print (not just YP but all print media) coming to pass. For those of you, like me, who like the summary version, let me shorten the article. Smart phones are everywhere (we knew that already), but adoption of smart phones in the US only grew by 2% last year from 79% to 81%. My reps like to talk about how the digital migration has already happened. It is what it is and a lot of people are still using the phone book, crazy, right?

The thing I really love about it is there are almost no flip phones out there. So when we get our call tracking info back and half the list is cell numbers that means that 80% of cell phone numbers on that list were holding google in their hand (in the majority form of an iphone or Samsung galaxy) when they made a call out of our printed phone directory. Crazy, right?

Have a great Memorial Day, stay safe out there.

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