A World of Opportunity: Successfully Navigating the Yellow Pages

Print and Digital Landscape

The Marq
Southlake, Texas
September 13-14, 2016

A note from Ren Adam, Ojai Valley YP:

“Fellow ADP Members,

When I attend a convention, my goal is to come back to my business with some new ideas that when implemented will cover the cost of my attendance at the conference. For those of you that couldn’t attend this year’s Annual Convention, you would’ve gotten your money’s worth halfway through the first day! From the first presentation to the last, there was one good idea after another. Now, while some of the “big guy” publishers probably already implement much of what was discussed, we at Ojai Valley don’t and we are frustrated by the fact that we can’t begin to use some of these great ideas until our next canvass in October. This is one of the best Annual Convention we’ve been to, keep up the good work!”

“Thanks, Ren. Can’t wait to show you what we’ve got lined up for the ADP Digital Innovation Conference in September.” – Cindi Aldrich, ADP President and CEO

Innovation is defined as the action or process of creating a new method, idea or product, resulting from studying or experimentation.

When you hear the word digital, what comes to mind? Do you think innovation, opportunity, and future growth? Or do you find the concept of digital threatening, complicated, intimidating, or are you concerned about the possibility of eroding your core printed product?

Digital innovation. We believe the two words should work together in the Yellow Pages industry and create opportunity.

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