Dear Directory Publishers,

You will recall in January we brought to your attention the potentially threatening tariff legislation that could impact our industry.

As an update, on March 13, 2018 the Department of Commerce (DOC) released its preliminary finding in the anti-dumping portion of the uncoated groundwood paper trade case and it excluded directory paper from the case. As such, directory paper will no longer be subject to any tariffs imposed by this trade matter. This is great news for all Directory Publishers.

Had directory paper not been excluded the majority of it would have been subject to tariffs imposed in January of approximately 6%, plus the 22.16% from this second finding for a total tariff of over 28%.

While the findings exclude directory paper, the DOC made a preliminary determination to impose an additional tariff on other uncoated groundwood paper in the anti-dumping portion of the case.
For more info, please refer to the DOC’s press release and the DOC’s determination where it is noted that directory paper is excluded.

I am aware that many of you provided letters and contacted your Congressmen. Thank you for taking the time to protect our industry.

The next step will occur when the DOC is scheduled to announce its final determination on or about August 2, 2018. It is considered highly unlikely that there would be any reversal of this determination in its final decision.

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Cindi Aldrich
President and CEO
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