Half Of YP Searches Result In A Purchase Within A Day

YP’s research on consumers’ local search behavior conducted by comScore found consumers using the directory — other than a search engine or other media — are more likely to contact a business, make a purchase, spend more per purchase, and use more sites, apps, devices and media in the search process.

They also hop from device to device and are 64% more likely to bounce within one search, with 20% switching devices compared to 12% of all searchers. compared with those searching on other publishers, retail sites or search engines.

The study surveyed 8,334 consumers who had conducted a search for local businesses or services within the previous 30 days. comScore analyzed search behavior and whether or not consumers included YP as part of their search process. If they did, comScore evaluated their behavior as a “YP users” and compared them with “total searchers.”

Jared Rowe, YP CEO, called the survey an extension of learning more about the sites’ audience. “You can’t be an expert in your audience unless you know them well,” he said, calling the site “a publisher” and the “only real Yellow Pages.”

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