Oh heck no! Missouri … fifth most barbecue-crazed state?

Missouri barbecue fans are certainly going to demand a recount.
The real estate blog Estately named Alabama as the most barbecue-crazed state in the nation.
Missouri? It landed at fifth. That’s behind Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas. Kansas was ninth.To rank the states, the blog set the criteria as the number of barbecue restaurants per capita based on the Yellow Pages; Facebook interest in barbecue; percentage of restaurants that are barbecue joints based on the Yellow pages; Google searches for “barbecue;” and barbecue accessory stores and charcoal producers based on the Yellow Pages.

Alabama got the top billing because of “unrivaled barbecue enthusiasm.”
The blog said 8.27 of all eateries in the state are barbecue restaurants and it’s residents are top in expressing their love for barbecue on Facebook.
The blog gives Missouri a pat on the head as as being a “true barbecue state,” saying it has the highest number of charcoal producers in the country. The blog also says, “some say it consumes more BBQ sauce than any other state.”
For more on the rankings, see Estately’s blog

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