GotU is the winner of the Facebook Innovation Spotlight 2016

Facebook innovation spotlight winner 2016 - GotU

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London, United Kingdom

GotU has won the Real Results award of the Facebook Innovation Spotlight 2016 contest with its successful, customer-centric local Facebook advertising technology.

London July 14th, 2016. GotU, the leading provider of local Facebook advertising solutions to smallmedium businesses (SMBs) and retailers worldwide, has been announced the winner of the Real Results award of Facebook’s Innovation Spotlight 2016 the annual event that identifies gamechanging innovations among Facebook Marketing Partners in the advertising industry.

“To deliver real results we need to be customercentric and focus on what really matters to them. In the end, SMBs and local retailers want people to walk into their store today. Clicks and impressions mean close to nothing to SMBs. We focus on how our endclients measure success, and that’s delivering real walkin customers. ” Amedeo Guffanti, the Founder of GotU, stated.

“Implementing GotU’s whitelabel solution into our digital product offering has been a big step for us. Small local businesses are more confident with investing in digital when they see the results with their own eyes. Changing the way we sell digital to our clients is bringing new results for us too. The customercentric methodology works both ways .“ Johnas Van Lammeren, Business Development, DTG Netherlands, explained.

GotU taps into one of the biggest challenges pervading in local media advertising today a market with an estimated size of $132 billion in the US. Globally, only 5% of 45 million local business pages on Facebook are active advertisers as local retailers still have a hard time understanding what online advertising can do for them. Using GotU’s technology, SMBs at smaller budgets can finally purchase, understand and measure results of local online ads in terms of the reach & frequency per real people reached. This new optimisation technology or Facebook ads focused on offline ROI allows business directories to offer better digital campaigns to their clients at a large scale.

“To stay relevant, innovation is key. Innovation is not about digital, it’s about culture. First we need to understand the customer and their decision making process. With that philosophy, we provide our whitelabel solution to SMB marketing companies and business directories so they can offer our product and bring better results to millions of local businesses everywhere. Winning the Innovation Spotlight Award is a confirmation that our customercentric approach is a step in the right direction, and that we are a leader amongst the vast offerings of the Facebook Marketing Partner community. ” Amedeo Guffanti explained.

About GotU: GotU is a Londonbased advertising technology solutions provider for SMB Marketing Partners and business directories like DTG Netherlands, as well as large retail and restaurant chains. . For enquiries, please contact Emma Koitola,